I’ve had cake on the brain since Easter. A very particular type of cake. the marzipan torte from Lutz Bakery on Montrose.  Love!  Marzipan is one of my all time favorite things–not sure if I should describe it as a candy, I guess it’s more of a confection,  ground almonds and sugar. 

Another really cool thing about marzipan?  It’s so cool how it can be molded into different shapes like fruit or animals.  Hence the picture above. Search online, you’ll see marzipan shaped babies that are so life-like looking it’s creepy!

But, back to the cake, what I especially love about Lutz (besides all the nostalgic memories of visiting this restaurant when I was a kid) is that you can buy cake, including my favorite, by the slice!    

So, my love for marzipan is revealed…


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