Green Acres…

Have you ever read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle?  If you haven’t, let me sum it up: the author and her family decide to live on a farm for a year and be localvores.  Growing all their own vegetables, raising livestock and only purchasing/eating items that were made within a 120 mile radius (I think, don’t quote me on that stat) of their home.  It’s a fantastic book for a number of reasons. One, B.K. is an amazing writer, I’m a big fan of her fiction.  Two, even if you’ve never, ever had any desire to farm, this book is going to make you curious about the farming lifestyle.

Everyone knows there’s a world of difference between a tomato purchased at the grocery store versus a tomato grown in your own backyard. Now, imagine those amplified tastes being applied to everything else you put into your mouth.

Sadly, many of us will never have the experience of living and maintaining a farm.  But, not so sadly, we can still enjoy the fruits of local farmers labor.  Go to a farmer’s market. Yes, you’re going to pay a little more. And yes, the taste experience will be worth it.

I was so happy to learn that a local restaurant who is committed to the farm to table philosophy has started a Tuesday evening farmer’s market. The Center Square Journal reported that the Brown Trout will open it’s doors on Tuesday evenings and serve as a venue to various small farmers with unique items.  Here’s a brief excerpt I lifted off of Brown Trout’s website:

Browntrout will be having a farmers Market every Tuesday Night From 5pm-8pm May 1st till August –September. This is to try to help grow our community of small farmers, chefs, and community. It will be called Ground Up Farmers Market…It is part of Ground up group created by Chicago chefs and Marty and Kris of Spence farms. We will have small farmers, Childrens cooking classes, and tales of sustainability. Please come help us start a solution.

I’m planning on checking out this market on Tuesday evening. Hope to see you there!


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