About a year ago…

Below is my blog post from 6/22/11. From time to time, I enjoy going backward to find out where I was at a year or so ago.  Ironically enough, we had Pequod’s for dinner last night too, so this post seemed especially timely.

I have a couple more favorite pizza places to add to my list:

Apart Pizza

 Spacca Napoli

I had forgotten that I was working on creating new labels last year at this time. I love the way the labels turned out! Feels like I’ve been using them for years…

Last year’s blog:

Have I posted about pizza yet? I know I’ve done Steak Houses. I’ve done a blog on my favorite places for dessert. But pizza? Not sure. I do know that I’ve mentioned Lou Malnati’s once or twice and yes, for me, that is the pizza that I am most nostalgic about. I think sending a Lou’s frozen pizza is a great gift and truly representative of great Chicago deep-dish pizza (I love the slab of sausage that sits on top of the butter crisp crust). I grew up on those slices, many happy family meals involved going to a Lou’s restaurant. Good memories.

Another incredible pizza: Pequod’s. Also deep dish. The detail that makes this particular ‘za incredible is the carmelized crust. I’m not sure how they do it, but the pizza pans at this joint create a delicious, perfectly chewy/crunchy crust that is just to die for. We ate Pequod’s tonight and the crust always amazes me. So damn good!

My entrant for non-Chicago style pizza is Piece in Bucktown. It’s actually New Haven Connecticut style; thin crust and you can get it red, plain or white. The restaurant is also a small micro-brewery with great beer. Sometimes thick, deep dish pizza is just too heavy on a hot summer day. Piece is a great way to enjoy pizza on a sultry evening.

There are quite a few other pizza places I could write about, but I think for now I’ll just limit my suggestions to those three. In caramel news: still working on the labels—they’re looking good and I’m getting excited about rolling out the new flavors. Give me a few more weeks, I can’t wait to write about and show you the newest additions.

Till next week!


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