My thought for the day: Caramel makes everything better.

Allow me to explain.  I have a serious sweet tooth and therefore constantly crave sweet items. This morning I went to the Bongo Room in Andersonville. (Which, by the way, loved the size of the restaurant! It seems massive compared to the one in Wicker Park) BR has always been, and continues to be, one of my favorite breakfast places. I love breakfast and I feel like BR is especially known for tempting pancakes drizzled with crazy sweet concoctions.  

This a.m. I indulged in the white chocolate pretzel pancakes. And yeah, caramel was included in there. The caramel put the already awesome pancakes over the top, fantastic combination of sweet and salty, the caramel sauce complimented the pretzels  and the chocolate and still made the topping pancake-y (who needs maple syrup when there’s caramel involved?)

Another one of my favorite summer treats? I’m addicted to Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. Love the dark chocolate fish pieces. Love the marshmallow fluff. But it’s the swirl of caramel that brings all the flavors together.

Like I said, caramel makes everything better.  So, with that statement, I need to get my caramel sauce onto Etsy so you can try it! My caramel sauce ROCKS! It can be added to ice cream, enjoyed with sliced apples.  I even made caramel budino’s once and the caramel sauce MADE the dessert. I developed my caramel sauce last summer and used to sell it exclusively to a local cafe. I haven’t made it for a while but my recent love affair with lacing already yummy-tasting dessert treats with a swirl of caramel calls for great sauce, and my caramel sauce is second to none.  I’ll tweet and FB once it’s up on the site.  

So good! You’re going to love it!


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