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Give Away!

March 30, 2012

I don’t usually post on Friday’s–but a special occasion, make that TWO, special occasions are occurring this upcoming Thursday, April 5th.

The First–It’s the Cubs home opener! I’m so excited for baseball to be back. I especially can’t wait to see all the changes that Theo Epstein has implemented.

The Second–April 5th is National Caramel Day!!!

To celebrate two of my favorite things–I’m GIVING AWAY two 1/2 lb bags of Wrigleyville City Caramels.  My current favorite. Think Baby Ruth candy bar, with a twist.  Lots of salty, roasted peanuts embedded in caramel that’s been infused with Old Style beer.  A taste of Wrigley!

The Contest Details:

1) Tell me who your favorite Cub player (past or present) is and why.  Also, just for fun, let me know the number of games you think the Cubs are going to win this year. At the end of the season I’ll send a bag to the person whose guess was most accurate.

2) There are a number of ways you can let me know your thoughts:

a) You can leave your answer directly on this blog.

b) You can LIKE City Caramels  on Facebook and leave a comment on the wall.

c) Or you can follow City Caramels on Twitter and tweet me your answer.

3) I will randomly choose two winners on the morning of Thursday, April 5th. I’ll contact you directly and then you can let me know where you would like the caramels delivered.


Sound good? Okay. Let the games begin!



Merry Merry Caramel to you!

December 22, 2010

Wow! What a few weeks it’s been. I love this time of year, but it is hectic. Even more so if you’re in retail.  For every one thing I cross off my to-do list it seems I add three more.  A few last minute holiday orders popped up and so I feel like I’ve been as busy as one of Santa’s elves.  I am thankful. I think my caramels will make great gifts, especially if you’re looking for something that represents our fair city.

I will be traveling in between Christmas and New Year’s, visiting family, eating cookies, relaxing and doing some behind the scenes work.  I’ll mostly be doing administrative stuff like bookkeeping and maybe enhancing my Etsy website.  These things aren’t always my favorite to complete—my favorite thing to do is to make the caramels and package up the final product.  But I like that the end of the year will give me time to reflect and figure out what I did well in 2010 as well as opportunities that I may have missed out on this past year.  And then it will be 2011 a fresh, new start.  I do love that about the New Year. 

I did want to let you know that I added new items to Etsy a few days ago.  They are labeled as stocking stuffers for this season but I plan on having them all year round. They are basically the mini bags that I sell at various retail locations throughout Chicago. I had received so many inquiries about doing small bags for weddings and party favors that I thought I would just go ahead and make it a product on the Etsy site.

I think that’s it!  Talk to you soon.