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Weddings & Parties & Showers, oh my!

May 30, 2012

The candy business is a very seasonal business. This is one of the lessons I learned very quickly during my first foray into the candy biz. I worked for a Hershey Chocolate and it was explained to me like this: Halloween is (obviously) the biggest candy holiday, followed by Easter, Valentine’s day and Christmas. Of course, there are other candy “holidays” as well, Back-to-School, Harvest, and Summer Camping. (Yep, think of all the displays for S’mores. You’ve probably already seen a few in some of the big box grocery retail stores.)

So, I shouldn’t have been surprised to realize that City Caramels also are sensitive to the ever changing seasons. It’s slightly different than the schedule laid out above. Holiday time is a big season for caramels. Another huge season? Now. Weddings and showers and summer parties galore.

An aspect that I’m really proud of about City Caramels is that they are truly representative of Sweet Home Chicago. I love that people can give (and get) a little piece of caramel that exudes Chicagoness. I’m always so honored to be asked to provide caramels for wedding favors or as part of a welcome bag. Please contact me at if you have an upcoming event and are considering using City Caramels. My weekends are filling up quickly, but I do have a few left and would love to put together a bunch of favors for your guests.

Tis the caramel season!